Twitch Streaming Basics

Games Archaeology

A brief history of gaming

Breakout, Apple and the two Steves

Role Playing Games and the success of Dungeons and Dragons 

Shut up and Sit Down
Thoroughly Considered  – game design, robots and pets

Board Games
Shut up and Sit Down

Board and table games from many civilizations – R.C. Bel

Digital Board Games – XCOM
Board Game Design – Three Stages of Prototyping
Board Game Culture – Problem Players
Tiled 2D Map Editor Tutorial Series

How to choose a board game.

Mods and Programming
From Gamer to Game Designer : The Official Far Cry 2 Map Editing Guide – David by Hutchison

Christy Dena


Video Game Industry Employment


Early Modernity and Video Games –  Florian Kerschbaumer and Tobias Winnerling


Game Design

Beginning Game Level Design – John Harold Feil and Marc
Basics of Game Design –  Michael Moore
Interactive storytelling for video games: a player-centered approach to creating memorable characters and stories – by Josiah Lebowitz and Chris Klug.

Gamer Theory – Mackenzie Wark
Philosophy through video games – Jon Cogburn and Mark Silcox
Half-real : video games between real rules and fictional worlds – Jesper Juul
Virtual Ascendance : Video Games and the Remaking of Reality – Devin Griffiths.
Game After : A Cultural Study of Video Game Afterlife – Raiford Guins
Electronic tribes : the virtual worlds of geeks, gamers, shamans, and scammers  edited by Tyrone L. Adams and Stephen A. Smith
Video game spaces: image, play, and structure in 3D game worlds – Michael Nitsche
How to do things with Video Games – Ian Bogost
Extra lives : why video games matter – Tom Bissell
Reality is Broken – Jane McGonical
A Casual Revolution – Jesper Juul
Glued to Games : How Video Games Draw Us in and Hold Us Spellbound – Scott Rigby, and Richard Ryan.
Fans, bloggers, and gamers: exploring participatory culture – Henry Jenkins


Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature : Narrative Pleasures in Young Adult Novels, Films and Video Games – Margaret Mackey.

Industry Research

Hollywood Gamers : Digital Convergence in the Film and Video Game Industries – Robert Alan Brookey

Mental Health of Gamers and Play 

Prescription Pixel


DIGC310 2015 Let’s Play Videos

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