#DIGC310 Games Library

Student created digital and analogue games.


The Battlefield by Kristian Zaccardo –

Soccer Starter by  Andrew Wurf

The Object by Xara Van Doorn

Supreme Leader by by Benjamin Trainor


Project Middleware by Richard Hall

AnotherRevolution by Angus Baillie, Richard Hall, and Olivia Harris | Prezi |

The UOW Duck Hunt: An ARG By Matthew Armstrong, Andrew Clarke, Sean Coles, Daniel Natoli and Daniel Nesbitt | Prezi | Game Map |

The Game of Loans By Paul Myers Paul Tuohy, Amy Joyce, Rebecca Wiggins and Alexandra Tickner | Prezi |

Mount Kailash by Joanna Tsai, Matthew Cuda, Lachlan Ibbett and Daniela Martins. | Prezi |

ParkKing by Bernard Bunuan and Pakkapon Potranandana | Prezi |

Changeling by Dael Campbell

Go and Stop by April Moo | Prezi |

Retail Despair by Britt Andrews, Angus Baillie, Richard Hall, and Olivia Harris

Webbed In by Sam Eacott and Courtney Shalavin | Prezi |

The Streets of Albion Dossier by Ralphie Peerless | Prezi |

Friend Request by Kevin Armendariz, Lydia Crates, Brendan Grant, Zac McCall, Jake Truman, and  Benjamin Wong. | Prezi |



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