Part 4

In my card game I wanted to create something that, while strategic, had a bit of “the social game” to it. Where people would talk out their strategies or even just generally converse with their opponent during their turns. It’s interesting to note in the article “Chores Are Fun: Understanding Social Play in Board Games… Read More Part 4

Abyss: A Review & Dissection

Game Profile Age: 14+ Play time: 30-60 minutes Players: 2-4 players Type: Strategy Category: Card/Board Game & Euro-Game Theme:Underwater Fantasy Publishers: Bombyx, Asmodee, Asterion Press, Galápagos Jogos, Price: $80–$90 AU “For centuries, creatures without peer have ruled the depths of the ocean. Their kingdom, called Abyss, is respected by all their allied races, who… Read More Abyss: A Review & Dissection

AI Escape (?)

Inspired by my love of Coup and it’s bluffing strategies, I’ve been developing Idea #2 from this blog post using conceptual analysis from here and here. Below I will describe gameplay as it stands. You are all employees working in a research facility that assembles robots. Several Artificially Intelligent Operating Systems have been developed by… Read More AI Escape (?)