Under Grad

Being a university student can be difficult especially when things in life can get in the way of study. Things that as a student you can control (such as watching TV instead of study) and things you can’t (such as a beloved pet passes away). I wanted to keep this idea and put it into… Read More Under Grad

Introducing me :D

Hey everyone!  Its my last semester here at UOW, which I’m overly excited about! This semester ill be doing both DIGC310 and DIGC335, as well as another 3 subjects (yes, I’m in way over my head). Looking forward to meeting you all and seeing some awesome digital artefacts this semester. Follow me: Twitter: @jadelauren_hall Blog: Jadelaurenhall

A New Hope Pt 4

After problems and road blocks I have changed my existing game into a new. For my original idea it was a first person shooter however this has changed to a co-operative role playing game such as Dungeons and dragons style. The new and improved part to this story is: You are five lone survives trapped… Read More A New Hope Pt 4