Splendor In The Grass

Board games have slowly developed from the traditional Monopolies, Scrabbles and Cluedos of this world. Mechanics have changed, stories have been implemented and now there are multiple ways to turn players (and friendships) apart. Splendor is one of these popular tabletop games which focuses on resource management during the Renaissance era. Playing as a jewel merchant,… Read More Splendor In The Grass

Abyss: A Review & Dissection

Game Profile Age: 14+ Play time: 30-60 minutes Players: 2-4 players Type: Strategy Category: Card/Board Game & Euro-Game Theme:Underwater Fantasy Publishers: Bombyx, Asmodee, Asterion Press, Galápagos Jogos, REBEL.pl Price: $80–$90 AU “For centuries, creatures without peer have ruled the depths of the ocean. Their kingdom, called Abyss, is respected by all their allied races, who… Read More Abyss: A Review & Dissection